5 ways to sneak in exercise during your holiday!

When you’re on holiday, you have no time to exercise and you just want to sun bathe on the beach while getting a tan, however, there are ways to get in your daily exercise without going out of your way!


  1. Get active in the airport

If your flight has been delayed, put your luggage in the airport locker and go for a hike around the terminal.


  1. Bring tubes, bands and more ….

Whether your lounging around next to the pool or chilling out in your hotel room, you can exercise with your bands and work on your legs.


  1. Plan to wind down

If you’ve had a hectic day, you can start to relax by doing yoga, whether if it’s on the beach or on your balcony, you can relax your mind by doing yoga or tai chi to wind down.


  1. Go with the motion in the ocean

If you’re by the pool or in the ocean, you can go for a swim to burn them holiday calories off.


  1. Get involved with water sports

Water Aerobics, body boarding, surfing, jet skiing, canoeing or snorkelling are all ways you can get your exercise in while in the water on holiday.

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