Travelling on a budget

If you’re planning on travelling this Summer but you’re on a tight budget, here’s some tips for you to save you some money!!!

Venture off into local towns

Tourist traps are an absolute nightmare when it comes to your wallet. Pretty much everywhere you go, they’ll be incredible things to see, people to meet and food to eat. Venturing off from the tourist attractions are becoming more popular with backpackers as more and more hidden gems are being discovered.

Stay in hostels

There are many reasons why you should stay in a hostel, some of them being, free food, wallet-friendly and meeting other backpackers. You also have the chance of earning some more money by even working in the hostel, this gives the opportunity to even stay there for free!

Get to know the locals

The locals will have loads of weird and wonderful tips and tricks that would save you time and money. They would know all the hidden gems in the area as well which could enhance your stay there.

Travel at night and use public transport

When planning to travel a specific route, it’s best to travel at off-peak times as you can save possibly half the price it would cost you if you travelled at peak times. Using public transport can be a life saver if you’re running low on money as the prices are typically low for the locals.

 Learn how to haggle

In many cultures, it’s normal to haggle down to a reasonable price for you. It may be uncomfortable but it’s normal but know when to stop at a reasonable price.


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